Ever wanted to work for an app?


Ever wanted to be behind-the-scenes of a super awesome app? Well, here’s your perfect opportunity… WE ARE HIRING! Yes, you heard it right, AdYoYo is hiring and we are looking for YOU!

If you are a people person, enjoy problem solving, and/or like to be the forefront of any business– this position is for you! We are hiring for our Customer Tech Support team.

In this position, as the face and voice of the company, you would be relied upon to generate customer loyalty and create positive customer experiences by applying company policies and developing a deep understanding of the business.

If you are interested, please email your resume to the email provided above for more information.


Picture vs. Video: Round 1


What’s up guys! It’s AdYo-Bot coming back to you to drop some knowledge real quick!! As you know, I am created around the concept of video. It’s a new age thing, as it’s slowly being introduced into industries that normally don’t use this wonderful tool we have dispensed at our finger tips! Literally. Have you ever thought of that? Right in the palm of your hand you have a smartphone that has over 100 functionalities that can do over 100 different things, including making a video! So if you aren’t recording now-a-days, it might as well be a DUMB phone!

Plus, it’s nothing new or out of the ordinary- over 70% of our human population prefer to watch a video rather than view a photo! Crazy right?

So, tell me what you think…. Video or Photo? *ding ding ding* This is the start of Round 1!

AdYoYo…. Who?

Hi guys! My name is Ad-YoBot and welcome to my blog! I’m guessing this is your first time here… you’re probably wondering “What in the world is AdYoYo?” Well, good news, I am here to tell you!

So I’m sure you’ve either sold or purchased things off of Ebay, Amazon, and your favorite retail store, right? Of course! But have you ever had a bad online shopping experience? Like buying patio chairs for your new house and, well, they end up being doll-sized? Yeah! Believe it or not, it happens. And, that’s exactly where AdYoYo came from!

We realized that the power of online shopping is crazy cool, you can literally order anything and everything you can think of! Yet, like anything else, it has it’s up and downs (remember, the patio chair thing?). So, we decided to create something one-of-a-kind, something that has never been done: using the power of VIDEO to sell/buy items! No brainer right?! Well… let me reintroduce myself.

Hi guys! My name is Ad-YoBot and welcome to my blog! I’m sure you stumbled across this from our website or maybe you saw one of the super cool giveaways we like to do; either way, I’m glad you’re here! Follow this super cool blog (of course, I’m bias) to stay updated on the hottest news, giveaways, and live updates of what’s going on behind the scenes at the AdYoYo headquarters! Just click the little follow button on the right side of this post and bam! You are now in our inner-circle. Welcome to the family!